Jennen TRIO 9R-4J

Kurt Brandstetter kurt.brandstetter at TELEWEB.AT
Thu Jul 13 16:25:41 EDT 2000

Hello from Vienna !

I got this week a new, unused TRIO 9R-4J (the European version
of the Lafayette HE-10 I think). The receiver was stored for 30-40
years in the original sealed package, hi). The schematic diagram I have
does not show how to connect the the output transformer and other
connections to the socket on the rear of the receiver (not the same
socket as the Lafayette has !). The only thing I know that the NF output
tube is damaged, if you don't connect a transformer (too high voltage on
grid 2) and no voltage
on the plate). Any idea ?

The receiver has a headphone connection in the front, but normal
used plugs as other receivers have don't fit into it. The are a
little bit to large. Where ther sometimes some other headphone plugs,
looking same as the ones now used, but a little bit smaller in diameter

Perhaps somebody can help me.
73   de Kurt. OE 1002419 ICQ-UIN 43074273
Kurt from Vienna Austria Please visit my page!
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