Catenna resistor

Bill Abate wabate at EROLS.COM
Tue Jul 18 15:16:42 EDT 2000

I just bought a HeathKit Cantenna at a hamfest (Its my boat anchor's
anchor!).  After some cleaning and sealing, I checked the resistor.  It
measures about 40 ohms!  Double checked it with another meter and a
precision resistor.  Yup, its still 40 ohms.  Took it apart and there is
no discoloring, blistering, etc. on the resistor.  Looks like new.
Damn!  Its supposedly a 10% resistor.

Is there a way I can nudge the value? :)  I have zero experience in how
these resistors are manufactured.  I assume carbon is deposited on the
form.  Can I sand it with super fine sandpaper to increase the
resistance?  I'm probably making too much out of this because the SWR is
only 1.2:1 instead of 1:1.  But it bothers me.  Is Carborundum
(manufacturer) still around?  Should I just have an 807 and forget it?

73 es tnx,

Bill Abate, K3PGB

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