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Robert Lozier kd4hsh at JUNO.COM
Sun Jul 23 20:24:22 EDT 2000

I am posting this for someone else... Please do not contact me.... Use
the info below...

Mary McFarland in Winston-Salem still has her husbands very large
collection of radio, electronics, aviation, railroading, model
railroading, photography & automotive magazines plus others.  Most are
from the late 40's to early 70's as I recall and are filed on built-in
book shelves.  I'm sure that there are several pick-up truck loads.  You
can contact her at 336-765-5829.  She has an E-mail address but only gets
on-line with the help of her visiting son... It can be quite some time
before she would read your inquiry.  MFM1928 at AOL.COM

Also some 30's vintage TX  tubes (W.E., H&K, Taylor, RCA, etc.) but don't
have time to list right now, you can request a list from her....

Robert Lozier
600 E. Green St.
Monroe, NC 28112  USA
kd4hsh at

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