FS: Heathkit/Barry Research items still available.

Joseph Lutz kwz99 at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Jun 12 20:21:41 EDT 2000

[] Heathkit  MR-1/HT-1 mobile 'twins' - [2 MT's and 1 MR] - The MR-1
has the chrome knobs [like my Marauder].  They are dusty from the
move and just sitting on the shelf.  Appearence of the units is good,
have not tested any of them out, so they have to be sold 'as is' -
just as I received them.  Have copy of both manuals.  - $150.00 plus
shipping for all three units.***********Sold******

[] Heathkit AM-2 - Reflective power & SWR Bridge - [2 units, one
had side brackets that previous owner attached for mounting under
shelf].  Appearance good - not tested/as is.  $45.00 plus shipping
for both units.

[] Heathkit HW-16 -  [3 Band CW xcvr] - Powers up, but cannot find
a 6EW6 tube that it is missing so can't test it out.  Appearance is
good - not tested/as is.  $70.00 plus shipping. *****Sold*****

[] Heathkit VX-1 [Electronic Voice Control] - untested - Appearance
good to very good.  - as is - $40.00 plus shipping.****Sold****

[] Heathkit DX-60 w/HG-10B VFO - untested/as is - Appearance is
good to very good on both units.  $130.00 plus shipping.

[] Heathkit HW-12 (2 of them).  - untested/as is - Appearance is
fair to good on one, very good on the other. $80.00 for both plus

[] Heathkit HW-12A - untested/as is - Appearance is fair - as with
HW-12 it will probably clean up okay.  $45.00 plus shipping.

[] Heathkit HW-18 - untested/as is - Serial number [?] written on
panel with white marking pen.  Other than that, appearance is good.
$30.00 plus shipping.

- - -
[]  BR Communications RSS-5 Spectrum Monitor.  This unit is designed
for operation as an integral part for use in the frequency management
of HF radio nets.  However, the RSS-5 is a complete unit, requiring
the connection of a broadband antenna for independent operation as an
HF spectrum monitoring receiver.  It is a microprocessor-controlled
radio receiver that functions as a scanning spectrum monitor for the
statistical analysis of signals in the HF range.  This unit is in
condition in appearance, with it only tested periodically to ensure
operational status.  Never 'put on line'.  Also included is the
RCS-5 2540
Version 03A Firmware Update, which contains [6] chips.  I also have
Diplexer panel that was used in conjunction with the RSS-5.  It is a
19" Rack
panel that has on the back of it the Diplexer Serial Number 85187 PN
5040-1010, BR PN 4011-1005 Rev G.  It still has the BR seals on it
Also on the back of the panel is a Miniload RF Terminator, Mod 8072-1
SN 2125 300W 50 Ohms Bird Electric.  Rack mounted w/full manual.
$700.00- local pick up only, or something else worked out.



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