Wanted: Info or Electrolytic Caps

Paul Litwinovich paull at WSHU.ORG
Wed Jun 21 06:06:56 EDT 2000

> Could someone on the list point me to where I could obtain a couple of 8
> mfd, 700 wvdc electrolytic capacitors?  I'm in the throes of getting a
> Knight 50-watt transmitter back on the air, and need a source for the
> caps above.
> The working voltage could be higher, of course, as could the value of
> the caps...as long as the value is "ballpark."  I've checked Antique
> Electronic Supply and Mouser, two of my favorite sources, and came up
> empty handed.

8uF @ 660VAC is a popular value used with ferroresonant transformers and
some motor-run applications. Since the cap's value is expressed in RMS
volts, 660 X 1.414 = 933 Volts peak. The cap's dielectric withstand must
therefor be at least 933 volts DC. I have had excellent results using this
type of cap in a DC application at up to 1kV. They have a high ripple
current rating, low ESL and ESR.

Paul A.Litwinovich
Chief Engineer

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