National NC-300 Questions

Wally Gibbons rockwall at SOURCEONEINTERNET.COM
Thu Jun 22 22:00:10 EDT 2000

I have just acquired a NC-300 rx, which is ok except 10/11 meter bands
are dead. I've
dived into the 300 to see why they are bad. In probing around the local
osc. with
a counter, I've noticed that the oscillator on 15/11/10 meters seems
to run at half frequency. I get around 9 mhz on 15, 12 mhz on 11, and 13

mhz on 10 meters. It's impossible to set the alignment trimmer to get
the dial
alignment correct on 10 meters, trimmer is at full capacity. Is the
local oscillator really receive frequency minus first if, divided by

One other oddity, the antenna coils on the two dead bands show
on the RF amp grid windings, but the two turn antenna coupling links are

fine. Coils are not open, just overheated. It's a puzzler. Anyone seen
this on their 300?


Wally Gibbons-WB7ASQ
North Logan, Utah

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