R-388 info

Bob Lydon N3CZS N3czs at AOL.COM
Sat Jun 24 10:05:56 EDT 2000

I have a R-388 with no serial number plate . On the rear of the chassis 7569
is stamped . I have been told that is a number pertaining to the J-3
production  numbers , but that groups of radios were pulled for the military.
Is there anyone out there that has a 388 with rear apron numbers close to
mine that can let me know what front plate S/N
you have ? Your responses will be kept private if that is an issue .
My radio has late 1953  components in it , and has the factory breakin switch
on the front .
My intent is to stamp a repro plate , and I don't want to ruin the accurate
serial number trail .

Thank you ,

   Bob Lydon
 CCA  AC-1129

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