Heavy Duty HV Supply FS[via LSMTP - see www.lsoft.com]

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Jun 28 09:57:59 EDT 2000

This is a homebrew high voltage supply. The heart is a Peter Dahl ARRL-001
xmfr, which is the same one used in the ARRL supply that was rated at 3500
volts at 1 amp ccs. The xmfr is 220/240 vac primary with a secondary of
2650vac at 1.5 amps icas or 1 amp ccs. Weighs 46 pounds and measures 7.625"
high by 8.075" wide by 7.6" deep.

The oil filled cap is the Dahl 53uF 5KV unit. This supply is a direct copy
of the ARRL construction article sans the variac. Step-start of about 0.5
seconds. Uses the K1AW 14kv dioded bricks in a full-wave bridge. Two large
25 amp primary power relays for the 220 vac. It is mounted in a frame that
is designed to slide into a 19 inch rack but the 19 inch front panel on this
is fairly tall, around 18 to 20 inches. The power on/off switch is on the
front panel. Also uses a 20 or 30 amp circuit breaker on the rear.

On the 240 tap the supply delivers about 3600 volts. On the 220 tap it will
deliver around 4000 volts.

The supply is heavy at around 90 pounds so shipping will not be cheap.

Dahl shows the new price for the xmfr at $275 and the capacitor at $200.

Sell for $225 plus actual shipping via UPS ground from 92139 on 95 pounds
double boxed.

San Diego

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