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From: Dick Dillman <ddillman at igc.org>
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Subject: KPH Broadcast: Time and Frequencies

> As I mentioned in my previous message the historic ex-RCA and
> Marconi coast station KPH will return to the air for a commemorative
> broadcast on 12 July using its original transmitters, frequencies and
> antennas.  Here is the time and frequency information for those who
> may want to tune in:
> Time: 5:01pm Pacific time 12 July, 0001 GMT 13 July
> Frequencies, HF:  4247.0, 6477.5, 8618.0, 13002.0, 17016.8 Mc/s
> Frequencies, MF: 500, 426 kc/s
> The broadcast on HF will start with the KPH V marker followed on HF
> and 500 kc/s with a CQ advising listeners that a commemorative
> broadcast will follow.  These will be sent using a Boehme keying
> head reading punched paper tape.
> The commemorative messages will be sent by hand on HF and 426
> kc/s by veteran operators who actually stood watch at KPH, KFS,
> NMC and other coast stations.
> The cycle will repeat, probably every half hour, so that all operators
> will be able to get in some key time.  Listen particularly for the sine
> of each operator so you will know who is sending.  We expect to
> remain on the air until about midnight Pacific time.
> Good listening!
> Vy 73,
> Dick/"RD"
>                        Dick Dillman, W6AWO
> Chief Opertor at K6KPH of the Maritime Radio Historical Society
>                    Collector of Heavy Metal:
>              Harleys, Willys and Radios Over 100lbs.

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