Please Read - List Admin

Wed Mar 1 09:34:11 EST 2000

Greetings Tempe list subscribers....

This is just a reminder.  Your subscribtion to a mailing list is YOUR choice
and responsibility.  You maintain it, not the admin.  You sign on and sign
off as you need to.

If you KNOW your moving from one email address to another, either because
you are changing internet providers, or if you know in advance that your
provider is changing your email address (no matter how slightly) YOU must
signoff all Tempe lists until you get your new address.  At that time YOU
can re-subscribe.

If you had an email address change on you without advance warning you can
let me know what the old one was and I'll remove it.  YOU still must
resubscribe yourself.

Background information:

The Tempe list server identifies everyone who posts against their return
email address to make sure they are a subscriber.  This is why we have zero
spam.  If it does not see an EXACT match to that return address it will
bounce your mail.  Many times an internet provider will change your email
address ever so slightly that it can cause a problem with lists that
otherwise you wouldn't notice.  For example, joe at has a provider that
now uses more than one mail server.  Joes email address is altered slightly
to joe at however his email to the original address works
fine because the ISP routes his mail.  The list server however might see the
new address as a non-subscriber.  So, those who could post one day can't
seem to post the next.  I've even been accused of some pretty petty things
when this happens.  How do you fix the above problem?  Learn to check the
headers in email messages to see exactly who email is from and where it's
going.  Any change in your email address should appear there.  I can help,
but I have to know the old address to delete it.

It would sure help me out if everyone could do what they can to manage their
own subscriptions.  Each request to ME for a change equates to 5-30 minutes
of my time depending on how much information the person tells me....many
times they don't even mention WHAT LIST they are talking about.  I'm getting
2 or 3 a day now.

So please....understand how it works and 'do it yourself' if you can.



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