tuning up a tetrode amp

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Mar 1 12:17:33 EST 2000

I am almost embarassed to ask this. However, since my ego is inversely
proportional to my waistline.........I have recently acquired a superb HB
amp covering 160 to 10. Uses Dahl components in the PS, vac. variables in RF
deck. built professionally by a EE (now SK, RIP). The tube is a single
4cx1500. My questions is how the heck do you tune this up? I have used
triodes all of my life sans my TS-820/830 which use beam power pentodes in
the final (2X 6146) but I just tune for max power on these. I have always
avoided tetrodes mosly due to my ignorance of the tune up procedure.

The amp has metering for screen I and E and also grid I and E as well as
plate I and E. What is the value I need to watch? I assume that it is not
safe to tune it like my 3-500zs which is usually just tuning for max power
out with a string of dits at 60 wpm?

Also, what is the going rate for a good 4cx1500 pull? I figure they are not
too bad since the military used/uses them and they have been around longer
than I have been alive.

San Diego

PS I am anxious to see how well my "new" Johnson Ranger will drive this!!!

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