Screen Saver prod...poke..poke..

Dave Kelley ai7r at PRESENCEKNOWN.COM
Sun Mar 5 18:10:05 EST 2000

Hi gang,

One more week before I assemble and distribute the new screen saver.  For
those who have sent me your images thanks for sharing.  For those of you who
forgot they were going to send in a picture of their shack for this issue of
the still have ONE WEEK!!

The images I've gotten so far are really awesome.  Big and clear.  This is
going to be a nice one when it's finished.  I even got a few shots of
antenna systems.  And, that's a great idea.  If you have something we can
add from the other end of the feed line send it along.  I plan to make this
a bigger saver than the others so we may have room.

One fine ham even sent his XYL out to get him a digital camera so he could
contribute this time!!  So, now you can tell your XYL, "But honey, the other
XYLs are buying cameras for their OMs" (now, say it again with a little
whinny tone to it)

Anyhow, last call.  Get those pictures in.  Remember, inside, outside, messy
shack, antennas, or anything sharable that we would all enjoy....and can be
shown in mixed company of course. (grin)



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