A good weekend

Allan Stephens modsteph at ACS.EKU.EDU
Mon Mar 6 12:20:43 EST 2000

Up at 0445 Saturday (local), on the road at 0545 with one of my
eighth-grade students to Cave City, Kentucky and the hamfest.  He
had already passed the 5 WPM so we did some brushing up on the
written during the 150 mile drive over (beautiful drive - Cumberland
Parkway across Kentucky for most of the way) with almost no traffic,
and pleasant if cool temperatures.  On the way I discovered that the
reason he and one other had busted the Element 2 written a couple weeks
ago was that they had not noticed  the second Novice section of
questions when
they were studying for the first time 'round (later in the book).  Since
they had
both missed 11 first time, I figured he could get at least two more
and put himself into the "passing zone."

     Having deposited the test-taker at the proper place I wandered
the flea market.  Few BA's observed (and noted where the "values" had
gone): a nice-looking Ranger for $350, a Globe Scout 65A (not original
cabinet) $195,  Johnson 275 watt Matchbox (no meter) $110...  I also
spotted a decent looking S-40...  and a TR-4 plus power supply and
new finals for $175.  $195 for the Globe Scout, $175 for the TR-4...
where the world has gone!

     I thought about that TR-4 long enough that someone else bought it,
and the other stuff was gone by early afternoon (don't know if sold or
guy just left).  I picked up a pretty decent-looking National NC-155
(always partial to National since my very first receiver was an NC-88 -
Heath Q-multiplier!), and later in the day found a very nice Ranger out
the parking lot for a better price than the one asked inside...

     By the time my boy finished the test (successfully - got a new
on our hands, will help get him set up properly on HF CW) I had put the
NC-155 and Ranger in the car, added a couple of 1-buck computer pieces,
and was ready to go.  Beautiful drive back home to Richmond (KY).

     Yesterday I got into the receiver, tested tubes and fired it up.
beautifully!  Today or tomorrow I'll reform capacitors in the Ranger,
see how it does (and am expecting the best).  A good weekend: one new
ham and a couple new toys in good shape...  "It doesn't get any better
this!" (quote from brother Stu K8SJ - at Dayton, three of us in a
pouring rain,
beers in hand...)  Enjoy NOW - it's all we got!

      73,  Al  N5AIT

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