Hamfiar report and BA Era device question... (help!)

Mon Mar 13 10:50:04 EST 2000

Hello all,

On Saturday, I went to the Puyallup Washington ham fair put on
by the Mike and Key Club.  One of the larger local hamfests I would have
to say, if not the largest.  Two floors of goodies, and actually quite a
few boatanchors.  Sadly, tho, eBay prices have infected some of the
sellers who I am sure wish they had priced gear more realistically
as they were hauling it back to their cars (LONG walk, if you've been
there, you know what I mean!).  Folks just don't pay $800 for a 75S-3
at a hamfest, or $900 for a pair of off-brand tube audio amplifiers!
The KWS-1 at $1300 was pretty fairly priced, but still that's a lot of
dough to pack to a ham fair.

I picked up just odds and ends - assorted tubes, a couple of old
homebrew grid dip meters (the seller hadn't a CLUE what a grid
dip meter would be used for - had to wonder how he acquired two
of them in the first place!) for a few bucks, and a cute little homebrew
80 meter transmitter built in (of course) an inverted pie tin!

But my one goodie sadly doesn't work despite the sellers adament
claim that it 'works like new'.  It isn't a boatanchor, but certainly
would have  been used to key one - it's an A-Tronics CW Keyboard
with memories from about 1975 I would have to guess.  I'm a
bug and Bencher guy, but this looked too cool to pass up.  Sadly,
though, it does nothing but light up.  No keying happening at all.
I opened it up and ARRRGGHH!!  all the chips are soldered in!
Don't ya HATE that?

I want to use it with my Drake C-line - it's from that era and would
make a nice accessory to the Drake lineup.

Does anyone by any chance have a schematic for this?  Any
troubleshooting tips?

Thanks to all,


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