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> then what do you think my Globe King 500 C should be worth by that logic ?

$625. for a Valiant?
Well I'm not familure w / the Globe King 500 but condition has everything to
do w / it. I recently saw a Johnson 500 sell for $2000. And the cab & panel
were original & super clean. A Collins 20V2 went for $2000 (tuned on ham
bands) & it was'nt cosmetally restored. I dont think any of us are willing
to pay what a NEW REPRODUCED transmitter would cost to make in todays money
even if were possible. Whats a new BC 250 watt transmitter bring? And it
will be crystal or frequency controlled.

I recently figured how much I invest in these "boxes". For a stock restored
Valiant to pay $150 is a low figure for a transmitter thats not junk (unless
ur lucky). The cab restoration is $285. + minimum of 3 days for electrical,
sometimes much more. Figure 3 days, 24hrs @ low pay of $10.hr = $240. Then
you have parts. Good 100u @ 450v caps I use 2 = $20. At least 2 50u x 400v
in the lo voltage @ $15.. Sometimes the 866 sockets need replacing. About
50% of time the filament wire insulation has broken down on the 866s & arced
the wire harness. Hrs of rewiring w / teflon wire in HV & other places. Then
come the rest of the story, the vfo that may or may not be stable. That all
has to be gone thru. I cant assume that ANY resistor meets specs. All have
to be checked & many replaced. Modification of the vfo is essential. Then
there is recapping (quality caps) in all the audio system. Then replacement
of tubes. Accounting for all the parts,.....$125?? mabe. Now do the math.
This is just a hobby!!
But strangly, I sell every radio I build & @ $650 for one of my rebuilt /
modified Rangers, I cant find enuf  @ right price to fill the interest! The
modified Valiant (w / the Valiant sound cured) I sell for $750. The cabinets
& panels on all these radios look new, totally refurbed by me w / computer
regenerated silk screening all in original colors.
Its something like the '57 chevy 2 door hard top that originally sold for
$3600 but now sell for $30k +.restored.
The bottom line is if its worth it to someone for this kind of thing then
there is a market. And I enjoy doing it. Mabe someday the interest in AM
will fade. In which case I will do more antique watches & clocks and there
is ALWAYS the hi fi audio.
Hope you understand
Dee, W4PNT
Patty & Dee's Marina  Collectors of "firebottle" radios 534 W. Main St.
Waynesboro, Va. 22980 (540)249-3161 cell: (540)471-7023

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