Frozen Setscrews

Fred Olsen fwolsen at EXECPC.COM
Fri Mar 24 00:30:31 EST 2000

First off, Ron, I don't know if these are 'insert' knobs or not, but
being Halli it wouldn't surprise me.  One clue could be whether or not
the plastic knob body is threaded.  If not, chances are that there's an

That said; the absolute best penetrant I've ever found is Kroil from
Kano Labs.  It's available only direct from them, but one can order
online at: .  Please just trust me on this; the stuff
is worth the trouble to get.  Clean out the oil, turn the rig and knobs
so that the screw holes are up, and just fill them with Kroil and wait a
while.  Have patience, even if it takes hours or days.  I can't
guarantee that it won't have any effect on the plastic, but I've never
encountered that problem.

Good luck,

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