Need Help With Gonset Commander 160m Coil Specs

DavidC eDoc at NETZERO.NET
Fri Mar 24 19:56:06 EST 2000

I have a Gonset Commander (160 - 6m HF transmitter) that a friend
has been helping me with.  I had the 80-10m plug-in coils but lacked
the 160m and 6m coils.

He was able to make a 6m coil but needs the precise dimensions for
a 160m coil that someone has, and has tested.  Can anyone help,

Also, any advice (for operating convenience) as to the desirability of
multiple coils for any band rather than using clips on single coils?
The manual mentions this.  I only plan occasional operation on AM
so I am guessing that I can cover the traditional AM section of all of
the bands (except perhaps 10m?) with single coils.

List managers:  Please advise if this post is in any way inappropriate
to your list.  I think I am OK but want to know if I have forgotten a rule.

- Thanks! & 73, DavidC  K1YP in Hudson, FL


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