Invader 2000 redux

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Fri Mar 31 23:45:39 EST 2000

The Invader 2000 that was on ebay (ack ptui) sold for $455.00.

Since it was untested and untestable without the connecting cable
(trivial to make up) I am not sure whether this was a good price or not --
I bought my Invader 2000 in '87 for $400. and all that was wrong with
it was the crystal filter for sideband was dead (so I "only" had CW),
and the filament transformer for the HV rectifiers was missing -- easily
remedied by dropping in some solid-state replacements already in my junk box.

The driver and the 6146s were a little soft, but it still made enough
power to make my Bird kilowatt dummy load say "OUCH!!"  Woulda made
ME say ouch if I put it in antenna and the FCC came a-knocking (it seriously
pegged a Bird 43 with a 1000H slug on most bands).

I will not say whether the CBers' idea that big transmitters cost
a dollar a watt is sensible -- I still would like a nice Invader 2000
someday, without giving up my first-born son.

I would hope that nobody is foolish enough to tell CBers about
the Invader 2000 -- otherwise, they will disappear the way Japanese hams
snap up Collins gear to the benefit of dealers, but to our loss.


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