WRMD Tower collapse

Paul Litwinovich paull at WSHU.ORG
Mon May 1 15:23:18 EDT 2000

I thought that both the tower collapse and the request for old TX pics might
be of interest to the boatanchors group,

Paul L., N1MUC

> I've been told there are still a few of you who are not
> s ub scr ibed to the BROADCAST list, and may not know
> about the pictures of the 680 tower that fell last week.
> The pictures are on the Archive site,
> http://www.oldradio.com/
> click the CONTACT button then the FLASH button
> Also, we continue the quest for pix of the great (and not so great)
> transmitters/consoles/etc of old. If you can help, it would be
> appreciated.
> thanks
> barry
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