Test Leads for Simpson 260

Mike Drum mikedrum at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun May 7 11:44:52 EDT 2000

Hi Gang,

I just picked up a mint condition Simpson 260 series 7 today with the
rolltop case
for $5.00 dollars. (that was the asking price!)

Unfortunately, it did not include test leads. I would like to get a set of
the proper
leads for it. If you have some for sale, please let me know.

This meter looks like it was never used. I opened the back of the rolltop
case to access
the battery compartment to check on the batteries. It had the original
batteries still in it.
The "D" cell had started to leak, but fortunately it had not leaked into
the compartment.
I replaced the cell and the 9 volt battery with nice new Duracells. The
meter had a QC date
code of 09/83. This was a great find and made my trip to the flea market
worth it!

Now if I can find some nice test leads......

Thanks for the bandwidth.


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