Gonset GSB-100 SSB transmitter.

Brian Hill jonnysocko at JPS.NET
Mon May 8 01:01:11 EDT 2000

Gonset GSB-100 SSB transmitter Model 3233. This unit is untested but looks
good with no mods that I can see. Chassis is in good shape but dirty and all
tubes are in there.Front panel looks great but has a couple chips of paint
on the edges.This radio is very nice and should work with minor TLC. All
knobs are in excellent shape but two are not original. The dial and band
switch work great.This rig works on 10,20,40,80 meter bands. I will send a
good manual copy with rig. This rig was designed to compete with the Collins
SSB gear of that era and Im told it is quite a performer. Power input to
final amp: SSB 100W PEP CW 100W PM 75W AM 75W. I have pics so email if you
want a peek. I dont know what its worth but it looks like every bit of $200
to me. But if Im way off base let me know. Im up for reasonable offers too
or trades. Im interested in any old BA stuff.
73 Brian

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