List Admin Announcement

Mon May 8 19:56:59 EDT 2000


The Tempe list server is undergoing some changes in the next two days.

1. Almost all HTML will be filtered from messages.  The only exception is
for those using email programs that don't have a 'plain text' mode at all.
I encourage everyone who uses email to know their email program well enough
to have HTML turned off when sending messages to list servers.  For those
who don't, the server should help by filtering now.

2. All attachments will be removed from all messages.  This will include
images, sound, and all kinds of virus type files.  Once again, it would be
great if everyone knew to NOT open attached files, but once again, the
server will solve the problem.  Good practice on lists have always been to
save images to the web and place the web address in an email to the list.
That still works even with the HTML filter turned on.

There are other changes in the works, and I'll make future announcements
when they are ready to implement.  All changes are designed to make your
list service with as safe and easy as possible.

Have a great day!


Dave Kelley
City of Tempe

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