Suitable Speaker for Drake R8 ??

Eugene Balinski eugeneb at NNI.COM
Sat May 13 10:28:55 EDT 2000

   IMHO, one of the best comm sppeakers that you can get for
someting like an R-8 is a Radio Shack (yup, RS)
Minimus 7.  They sound great.  They were initially designed
to be bookshelf Hi-Fi (now there's a term we don't hear much
anymore) speakers.  The were marginal for that, but they
make perfect comm speakers.

  The probelm is that they are not made anymore,
and haven't been for a few years.  You can find them at
flea markets (both Ham and general household),at yard sales,
and OCCASIONALLY at a manager's closeout at some R/S store.
But most are long gone.  R-S has a replacement however,
I do not know the part number.

  If you cannot find something at a local flea, and your friends
don't have a speare hanging around their shack, then drive down
to the local R/S or associated store and look around.  They will
have the replacement, and will probably hook them up to some of their scanners
if you ask.  However, once you have picked one out, you might want
to wait to buy unless thay are on SALE.  You can save $$$

   Comments, or rebuttle from the mail list ??  ; -)

  Good Luck

   Gene K1NR/3

Note, this is NOT an endorsement of RS, nor am I connected with them
in any way. Your mileage ay vary.   Batteries not included.  All
general disclaimers apply.

At 02:05 AM 5/13/00 -0500, Ron Evans wrote:
>Please forgive me for this slightly "off base" post as the Drake R8
>receiver doesn't really qualify for boatanchor status.  I'll keep it
>short.  The rcvr comes with an internal speaker but many users recommend
>an external speaker.  And most of these users do NOT recommend the
>matching speaker...the
>The excellent "Passport to World Band Radio" says in its "con" portion
>of the review on the R8B, "Virtually requires a good outboard speaker
>for non-headphone listening, but optional Drake MS8 outboard speaker not
>equal to the receiver's audio potential; try a good amplified computer
>speaker or high-efficiency passive speaker instead."
>Question: Can some R8 (or R8A, R8B) owner suggest a specific speaker
>that meets the recommendation above?
>Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
>Ron - K5MVR

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