FS: Drake TR-4/MS-4/AC-3, or with RV-3

Al Parker anchor at COASTALNET.COM
Tue May 16 20:15:08 EDT 2000

I need to reduce the "inventory" around here.  Too many new things to enjoy
have come in lately.  These units are all operating fine, and have been
used by me off & on for several months, or more.
        TR-4 - s/n 32358, nice panel, no scratches, case has been resprayed, looks
very good.  Has good finals, full output on all bands.  Recently fully
aligned.  Inside has been cleaned, but some black spotting.  A previous
owner has put 3 or 4 small red dots on the 10m portion of the dial, I guess
to indicate his limits.
        MS-4 - case has been resprayed, looks very good.  Missing the MS-4 logo,
but it is an MS-4 (11-5/8" lg).  Has a replacement speaker in it.
        AC-3 - good, in use.
        RV-3 - nice panel & case, no scratches.  Not sure if switch knob is
original, it's slighly bigger than the one on my RV-4 (which is my
replacement for the RV-3).
TR-4 w/MS-4/AC-3 and manual copy $275 
TR-4 w/RV-3/AC-3 and manual copy $325 
        RV-3 only, if TR-4 is sold first, $85
all prices plus shipping


Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
BoatAnchors appreciated here
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