FS: 75S-1 with 500 Hz Mech Filter

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Tue May 23 01:02:49 EDT 2000

I have for sale a very clean 75S-1 with the 500 Hz 9
resonator mechanical filter.

You can view it at:

I am asking $450 delivered to those areas listed below or
plus shipping for elsewhere or if in a hurry.  The case is
very serviceable with no dents or scrapes and it's a good
looking receiver as it is but if somebody is particular and
wants it to look best they should paint the case and trim
ring and replace the main tuning knob insert.

Failing to work out a sale, I'll eventually probably do that
painting myself when I get time and list it for auction.

If you want it without the mechanical filter, I would
consider an offer where I remove the filter and associated
crystal and at that point the filter and crystal would be
available for sale.


I am able to deliver it on the Central CA coast as far south
as San Luis Obispo or Santa Maria (Hwy 101) or leave it in
San Luis Obispo or get it as far south as Orange County for
a pickup from So CA if a deal is arranged before mid day on
Friday (5/26/00).

I can likely deliver in the Highway 5 area of Northern
California and Oregon over into Coastal Oregon from
Reedsport to Lincoln City on highway 101 and Highway 5 then
101 into the Olympic Peninsula.  Then over to Seattle and
Leavenworth if a deal is arranged by June 10.  Delivery is
also possible into the Wenatchee, Yakima, Bend and Klamath
Falls area as I return to California.

Ian, K6SDE

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