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Sat May 27 16:57:13 EDT 2000

Folks,  I was the high bidder on that e place for a mystery transceiver
(mystery to me anyway).
When it got here I saw it was a TBY-7.  A very cute little
transmitter/receiver in incredibly good
condition.  It even has the spare tubes inside and the allen wrench.
What little I think I know about it:
30 to 80 mc range
1/2 watt output
battery powered
used for ship to shore work, probably on amphibious landings.
uses acorn tubes.
There is a nicely printed 4 page guide to converting it to 10m and 6m use and
crystal control tucked inside.  As a reward for reading this I will copy it
for anyone who wants it.
What I don't know about it is mostly everything.
Anyone have a manual or good copy?  Can anyone tell me more about the rig
and what
accessories I would need to use it?  Or just some interesting stories?
I see a posting on the net about battery boxes for it.  What is that
rotary  gadget on the left
side?  A whip antenna holder?
Just what I needed, another toy to support.  Oh well, at least it's old
enough to be interesting.
73  Gary

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