For Sale NC109

Emile Imberman Emile_Imberman at 3COM.COM
Tue May 30 09:51:28 EDT 2000

     I bought this NC109 at a local swap meet.  I was told it worked, but alas
it did not.  A good friend looked at it for me and did some tweaking and made it
work.  It now receives, but needs additional tuning.  For those not familiar
with the National NC109, it has the Ham Band Tuning on the right side of the
face and the Broadcast Band Tuning on the left side of the face.  It looks all
original. Some case character scratches and chips (very minor, I think) and the
front panel, knobs, meter, dial glass are all very clean and complete.  Even the
panel that covers the back is there, which is usually missing and no extra holes
drilled.   I don't have a manual, but I am certain someone out there may be able
to copy or provide one.  The price is $150, plus shipping from ZIP 75040.
Please EMAIL if you have questions.  Thanks....

                                              Emile,   W5EMI

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