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Paul DeFayette pdefayette at MINDSPRING.COM
Tue May 30 19:39:58 EDT 2000


Sounds like a Navy model RBC receiver.  Following quote is from Bill's
(NJ7P) Ham Radio WWW Server:  "Receiver, shipboard, superhet, 4.0-27 MHz,
ca. 1940, like RBB except freq. range and 6AB7 first RF tube. Used with
CRV-20130 rectifier"
A true boatanchor if I ever saw one.


Paul DeFayette

N5AIT Allan Stephens wrote:

>      A bit more digging in old basements revealed a
> couple more items:
>       Navy CRV-46148 RCVR (RCA) + power supply - a bit
> dirty and missing one meter but otherwise seems to be all
> there.  4.0 to 27.0 mcs.
>      Any leads as to where/when it was used (and does anyone
> want it?)
>      CE Multiphase RF Analyzer (like small O-scope)
>      Probably all cheap if anyone wants to make an offer (plus
> shipping) or pick up Cincinnati environs.  Estate, proceeds to widow.
>      73,  Al  N5AIT
>   modsteph at

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