Variac for sale

H. W. Petersen wy7z at JUNO.COM
Thu Nov 2 16:43:24 EST 2000

Variac adjustable transfomer, type 100-Q made by General Radio Co. Rated
at 115VAC, 60 cycles, 2KVA, maximum 18A. Adjustable from about 2V to
140V. I've used it on the bench for several years but found a smaller one
that will serve my needs.

This is a big one - when I got it I was told it had been used to dim
lights in a theatre - measures about 7.5" across the hexagonal frame by
9" deep including the 3/4" shaft that protrudes about 2".  It weighs
about 29 pounds, figure 30 packed and shipped from Bellevue WA 98006.

Asking $50 plus postage.

Pete Petersen

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