Misc. FS

Joe Sloss sloss at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Nov 8 20:59:06 EST 2000

Allied's "Radio Builders Handbook" $10, "Radio  Circuit Handbook" $10.  WRL Catalog 1961 fair $5, 1965 VGC $7.50.  ART-13 Maintenance Instructions $13.  Hallicrafters RBK-13 (S-36) manual $13.  W7FG G-76 manual $13.  Editors & Engineers Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Volumn III $15.  Set of Millen absorption wavemeters in military case $20.  Instructograph Co. "crank type" code practice machine w/ tapes $40.  Large VU meter $15.  National HRO-Jr w/ 4 coils; a couple extra holes in front panel, fairly good shape - let's talk.  Joe 

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