Johnson Ranger Problem

Eddy Swynar gswynar at DURHAM.NET
Thu Nov 9 15:52:22 EST 2000

Hi Bill...

I had the exact same problem with my old Ranger-1, too, but only AFTER I had
"...solid-stated" one (or both---can't remember which now!) of the rig's
power supply(ies)...

Seems the solid state unit I plugged in, in place of the tube, was so much
more effecient than the original bottle, that the voltage went up, just past
the critical point, causing the arcing.

Just for fun, measure the B+ output under load---both low & high power
supplies---& compare between the two Rangers. I'll wager my dollars to your
donuts that the arcing rig's voltage is higher!

If so, swap the tubes between the rigs, & check again (assuming you haven't
solid-stated the supplies). If there's a difference, then one tube is less
lossy than the other (and there IS a difference in rectifier tube output,

Let us know what happens...TNX!

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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Subject: Johnson Ranger Problem

> I own two Johnson Rangers, both of which have been totally
> restored and operate perfectly. However, one of the units
> has always had a problem which concerns me. The problem is
> arcing at the "OPERATE" switch whenever one is going in or
> coming out of the "PHONE" and "CW" positions - in other
> words, whenever B+ voltage is applied to the tubes.
> This "spitting", which can be heard (and seen when it is
> dark), always occurred with the one Ranger, even after it
> was totally restored. However, the other unit is and always
> has been absolutely void of this problem. Both units have
> the CW  Keyer board and PTT modifications - and are
> identical, as best I can tell, in every way.
> Does anyone have anything to suggest with respect to the
> cause of this arcing and what might be done to extinguish
> it?
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