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Grant Youngman nq5t at HOME.COM
Sun Nov 12 12:39:24 EST 2000

Can anyone help this gentlemen with the details of the National PW dial
assembly on the HRO-60?  I no longer own an HRO-60 and don't have
documentation on the nitty gritty ...

Please respond directly to Roberto, and not to me.

Thanks ... Grant

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From:                   "ROBERTO ROSSI" <robertogf.rossi at tin.it>
To:                     <nq5t at gte.net>
Subject:                HRO 60 Dial
Date sent:              Sun, 12 Nov 2000 14:43:27 +0100

Dear Grant

I'm an Italian Radio Amateur and I have a problem concerning the tuning knob of my
National HRO 60 bought as it is, a year ago.
The instructions for mounting the PW condenser and adjusting the dial quote
two springs on the back of the dial.
I don' t note any spring and I have only the dial and the backplate (found
in these conditions.
After a not long use of the knob the dial looses the correct mesh with the
backplate and I am forced to dismount the dial and to readjust the position.
Can you help me with some more information?

73 de Roberto I5RRE

Roberto Rossi I5RRE
Firenze Italy

e-mail robertogf.rossi at tin.it

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