Dymo Label REMOVAL

Ron kc4yoy at TRELLIS.NET
Sun Nov 19 02:05:16 EST 2000

More on using heat to remove tape and sticky labels.

Some are worried about heat damaging meters and such,
I don't really think that a common blow dryer would hurt anything,
and like Greg posted a simple heat shield made out cardboard
could be held in place to block the heat form a meter, even your
hand should work fine as a shield.
Now understand that I'm talking about a common home use
blow dryer, not a commercial heat gun, they get much too hot.

After the label or tape comes off with the heat then you just
keep applying the heat and rubbing the residue with your thumb
and it will finally just rub off.

I used this method a while back to take old dried up masking
tape off of a 1940's vintage cardboard camera box.
It worked great, no damage to the box at all, and the tape
and all residue is completely gone.

It's not magic, it just takes a little time and patience going
slow and easy.


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