Scott Johnson scottjohnson1 at HOME.COM
Mon Nov 27 21:23:55 EST 2000

I think it is the best combination of accuracy, ruggedness and
simplicity out there.  I would highly recommend it, If you need
versatility and the ability to test tubes that there is no data for , I
would recommend the tv-2.  If you test a lot of tubes, I would recommend
the USM-118 (Hickock Card-a-matic).   These are all Hickock designed
transconductance-type testers.  The TV-7 series is the most plentiful,
look for a newer model (such as your tv-7D) as they have parasitic
suppressors (ferrite beads) that help keep the tester from oscillating
with high gain tubes.

Collin Collier wrote:
> Hello knowledgable ones,
> Is the TV-7D/U a good tube tester? Comments welcome. Thanks.
>   <73>, Collin N4TUA
>              n4tua at
>           " My favorite radios glow in the dark"

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