Radios etc. For Sale

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Nov 27 21:55:44 EST 2000

For sale:

Drake 2A receiver and 2AC calibrator, collector quality. Manual
included... $275.00

Drake 2C receiver, truly excellent looking and in great working
condition, with manual included... $225.00

Drake 2NT 100 Watt CW transmitter, excellent working condition
with manual. one or two very minor nicks on front panel. Hardly
noticeable. Otherwise looks great... $145.00

Heath HP-23A power supply in excellent shape. Works great with
Heath and even Collins rigs. Will sell for...  $85.00

Ham-Key CW keyer, runs on battery or external power (not
included) - will sell for...  $25.00

MFJ 941C Antenna tuner 200 watts with Power and SWR meter.
Looks very good...  $45.00

VU Meters - Brand new in original package. QTY 6 available for just
$6.00 each

Pictures of all available by E-mail.
Shipping additional

73 de AF4K, Brian

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