Mods for Heath DX-100B and Apache

Larry Knapp kc8jx at YAHOO.COM
Thu Nov 30 14:01:24 EST 2000

Fern - There are quite a number of internet references to modifications for the
DX-100/100B and TX-1, Apache, as well as many of the other well known
"boatanchor" gear.  I'm sure there must be some references to the SB-10 as it
was a very popular accessory; tho I am not aware of anything directly.  Some
searches of the Internet could probably locate some.

Some of my favorite links are:

In addition the publication Electric Radio has over the years (dating back to
May 1989 to November 2000) some excellent articles on the old radios.  It is
well worth the investment.  A index has been created by N900 for Electric Radio
and is found at:
Continue to look at Electric radio for I'm sure hopeful there will be an
upcoming article on audio modifications to the DX-100/ an aside.

Also the AM Press exchange, on-line internet, has some excellent articles on
modifcations to the old gear for AM usage; there are some references to the
Apache and DX-100/100B.  Their address is:

The TX-1 and DX-100/100B are excellent heavy old boatanchors and still sound
very good today.

Hope this helps......Larry, KC8JX, St. Joseph, Mi

--- Fern Rivard <crc at> wrote:
> I have two friends who have the DX-100B and Apache transmitters and they
> would like to know of any mods done to improve the performance of both rigs.
> Was there also some upgrades on the SB-10 sideband adapter? Best of 73's
> from Fern

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  Best 73's

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