Collins 32V-2

Gene Holcombe n5zdf at NETDOOR.COM
Sun Oct 1 11:22:42 EDT 2000

Heavy Metal is proper term for this radio.  Took two of us to place unit in
rear of my Jeep Cherokee.  SN is 2131.  While the cabinet is going to need
refinishing, the front panel is good.  The circular dial has a aged color
where the unit was stored either in sun or lights.  Only discolored where
dial facing is viewed, rest of dial is white.  Taking the unit to Jerry
Smith next weekend to place on his bench for him to check it out and put it
thru its paces.  Hopefully the cleaning of relay contacts, pots having a
squirt of cleaner and some bulb replacements will put this unit in
operational mode to join in those AM'ers who are having fun.  Guess a new
coat of black krinkle paint with a light overspray of St. Johns Grey on the
cabinet with some general cleaning of the chassis will be all that is
necessary.  Guess a D-104 mike will be a mike of choice.  Would seek input
on my finishing of the cabinet and things I may need to check on the TX
while it is on the bench.

Gene  N5ZDF
CCA Member

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