FS: GSB-100 XMTR and GSB-101 AMP

Bill Abate wabate at EROLS.COM
Wed Oct 11 15:26:30 EDT 2000

These are the matching SSB transmitter and amplifier.  The amp is in
fine condition.  It has a new set of 811A's and puts out 600 to 700
watts.  It has a built in antenna relay.  The 866A's have been replaced
with diode strings.  THe front panel is excellent but the cabinet could
use repainting.  Its not dented.  The chassis is a little dirty but has
no rust.  $350.  Prefer pickup as it is heavy.

The transmitter needs some work.  It puts out about 5-10 watts on each
band.  That was the extent of my testing.  The power supply is fine so
it needs some tweaking/tubes/components.  The exterior is about the same
as the amp.  The front panel is fine but the cabinet could use
repainting.  Again, no dents, extra holes.  The chassis is dirty but has
no rust.  Under chassis is almost new.  $150.  Again, because of its
weight I prefer pickup.

These would make an excellent matching Gonset setup.  I'd prefer not to
split them up but will if I have no takers for the pair.  I'm located
about 20 miles west of Philadelphia.  I have jpg's.  Email with any


Bill, K3PGB

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