Pfffffftttt!! Johnson KW matchbox directional coupler diodes?

Mike Souhrada wb9iog at REVEALED.NET
Sun Oct 15 19:41:10 EDT 2000

> with us. I suspect the diodes or caps in the coupler first. I can't find my  manual.
What's the model,my matchbox shows no metering? I might have a manual to
advise if another brand.

> Will 1N34s work in there? How about 1N914s? Which is the preferred diode?
1N34 germanium is what most units use. R/S has them.

> Has anyone ever used some sort of knife switch in a 600ohm balanced line?
Yes quite a few, I have two after some searching. Plan to use one
on 450 wide spaced #12 wire ladder.


> > Thanks
> Dan

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