Heath for sale

H. W. Petersen wy7z at JUNO.COM
Thu Oct 19 19:06:01 EDT 2000

Heathkit Visual-Aural Signal Tracer, model T-3.  The circuit has five
tubes (6X5, 12A6, 12SH7, VT-153/12C8 all check good on a transconductance
tester; I can't test the 1629 but it shows green with power on.)
Construction quality is very good. The front panel is near perfect
cosmetically; the grey crackle case has  a 1" scratch on the right side,
and a few rub marks that didn't penetrate the paint.

I don't have the book and have never used one of these so am selling it
as is, untested except to turn it on and watch for smoke (there was
none). RF and audio probes are included.

$20 plus postage from Bellevue, WA 98006.

Pete Petersen

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