SX-28 versus SX-28A

Charles W. Morehouse w4gbw at BREVARD.NET
Thu Oct 19 21:12:46 EDT 2000

Hi Dave,
Restoring an SX-28A now. To tell the difference, look at the cover over
the RF section.
The A cover is one piece with six louvers and is held down with four
spring clips not screws. The band spread is operated with dial cord not
gears. There is a fuse holder on the rear. Look underneath, the four
valves in the RF section are on separate removable chassis. At the end of
each chassis is a four terminal feed through toward the IF section.
Have refinished the panel and automotive clear coated the panel, bezels
and knobs, it is beautiful. Ran the chassis through the dishwasher. The
case is next. Have the matching paint from Lynn Brock and a new audio
output from Peter Dahl. Replaced all the valves from Antique Electronics,
very cheap. Working on replacing all the components. Have some worthy mods
if you are interested. One to change the RF gain and the other to improve
the audio. Hopes this helps and talk soon.

Dave Hollander wrote:

> Hi anchorites.......
> How do you tell the difference between an SX-28 and SX-28A??
> Thanks for the help
> Dave N7RK
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