WTB: Ham IV Rotator Control Box

Bill Evans bevans at EBSYS.MB.CA
Thu Oct 26 23:41:00 EDT 2000

This is a posting for a sightless amateur who has the
rotator, but requires a Ham IV Control Box. Please advise if
you have availability - and price - either via return e-mail
to Bill-VE4UD (see below) or directly to the interested
party - Gary, VE4KB, at (204) 831-6348.

Yours truly,

Bill Evans, VE4UD
313 Carpathia Road
WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada
R3N 1T2
PH:   (204) 489-7434
FAX:  (204) 487-7199
E-MAIL: bevans at ebsys.mb.ca

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