FS: Box of 18 panel meters, cheap!

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Fri Oct 27 17:01:07 EDT 2000

I have a box of panel meters here that I need to pass along to someone
who likes to build or repair radio gear!

Some are spare parts for old BA rigs (for example a Gonset linear's 800 mA plate current
meter and a NATIONAL NCX-3 or NCX-5 0-500 mA / S-meter)

Total of 18 of these meters. One has a broken glass. One or two are edgewise meters. Most
are regular panel meters - round, square, rectangular.

Pictures can be seen at:


I will try to update the web page so you only see the ones I have left.

I would like to get $20.00 plus $6.50 conus shipping for all 18 of these.

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