F.S. National NC 183

Brian Hill jonnysocko at JPS.NET
Sat Oct 28 17:58:29 EDT 2000

Nice radio.Cabinet has been refinished but lettering could be done whiter
and clear coated. Small blemish by send/receive sw that is not very
noticeable. Chassis is very clean. Receives well except on band B from
12-30mc which signals are weak and reception is only heard on the high end
of the scale. All original caps and no mods are seen. Original speaker is
included and needs a repaint but works well. Also Selec-to-Ject presellector
included which also needs repaint and plugs into the assesory socket on
receiver. This is the single conversion model of the 183 series of
receivers. Original manual included. $250.00+S.H.
Please send zip to figure shipping if interested. This will be packaged in
three double boxed units and shipped separately. CONUS only!
Interesting trades also welcome. Take care!




73 Brian

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