FS: Excellent Hammarlund HQ-180-A w/clock

Ed Tanton n4xy at ATT.NET
Sun Oct 29 23:15:43 EST 2000

Hello Folks... I have for sale a very nice Hammarlund HQ-180-A. I also have
the Telechron clock for it, uninstalled, used, but OK. This rcvr was stored
safely for 25-30 years, and is close to perfect with two exceptions: 1)
where the legend reads AM USB LSB the latter two look like they are nearly
worn off. The grey underneath is not worn like that-if at all-and it is a
mystery to me; 2) there is a set of slight scratches in the grey paint
spaced around the front panel outer edge-it is as if someone removed it from
a shelf that was too tight. They are not gross, and you have to look to
notice them.

It probably needs a good tuneup. I checked it for noise/etc. on all bands,
and have operated it briefly on 20/40/ & 80M.

While it WAS cleaned up prior to sale to me (you can only tell because there
are a couple of dusty spots in hard-to-reach places inside), inside and out
it mostly looks like-new. Otherwise it looks amazingly nice inside.
Certainly quite collectable. With original manual.

Reason for sale is that I already had an HQ-180-C, and basically have run a
comparison of the two ever since. The results are: 1) my non-A already has a
clock, so I don't have to put the other one in (not a big deal, but...); 2)
this particular non-A is every bit as stable after 10min or so as the 'A; 3)
Oddly enough, I LIKE the larger diecast lettering ("Hammarlund HQ One
Eighty" [or whatever it says] of the non-A MUCH better-go figure; 4)
HQ-180-A's are worth more than HQ-180 non-A's; and finally, all other things
being more or less equal, the sum of the similarities and differences point
to selling the HQ-180-A.

Price, including the uninstalled clock, and manual, is $500 plus
professional packing & shipping (not to exceed $45.) Digital photos are

Interesting-equally fine condition-trades will be considered. Specifically a
truly excellent condition R-390 non-A for one possibility. You might check
my website for possibilities (of what I do not have)... I am not in the
business of buying and selling these items, and would therefore not want
something just to trade or sell.

73  Ed Tanton  N4XY  <n4xy at arrl.net>

website:   http://www.n4xy.com

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