Sommerkamp FR-50B

Kurt Brandstetter kurt.brandstetter at TELEWEB.AT
Tue Oct 31 08:00:47 EST 2000

Hello from Vienna !

I have got today a very good FR-50B made by Sommerkamp. Has somebody
some info (I have a manual) about this receiver (built also by Yaesu I
think) ?
Nothing to find in Shortwave Receivers Past and Present. Any Webpage ?
Any Sommerkamp reflector (not for the new hand-helds, hi) ?

I have some problems with the RF gain, which seems to work only very
little (only to hear without disconnected antenna). AGC Voltage is
present. Would also be interested in the connection betwen the Mute
regulator and RF Gain regulator.

I have a picture of this receiver on my webpage (URL below) under
"Receivers => JRC-Realistic-Trio-Sommerkamp" in the left frame after
entering the page.
73   de Kurt. OE 1002419 ICQ-UIN 43074273
Kurt from Vienna Austria Please visit my page at: or via
(without POPUP windows) QSL Search Engines direct:
In the "new in postbox" Sept. 2000 page you have:
LZ2CJ/1 (EU-181), KH6ND/KH5, KL7AK (NA-216), DS2AGH/4 (AS-148)
OD5RAL (AS-108), EM5UIA (EU-182), RI1POD (EU-102), BD4ED/4
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