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Ken Simpson W8EK at FDT.NET
Mon Sep 4 17:59:19 EDT 2000

I have too many microphones.  Someone else could
get better use from them.

Here is what is available:

Hi Z hand mic.  Front says "General Electric"
back says "Shure Brothers".  Relatively small, but
rugged and heavy duty.  Looks close to new.
Grayish brown color. No connector.  $ 25

Astatic Hi Z, Model 400 hand mic.  Black in color.
White PTT button.  Great condition.  Presently
has 1/4 inch stereo plug.  $ 25

Midland 70-2303 dynamic hand mic.  Black in
color. Slightly larger than the 2 listed above.
New. Presently has 4 pin connector.  $ 25

Low Z mic with TT Pad on the back.  I think it
is CES, but can not find CES written on it.  Black.
Presently has 4 pin connector.  $ 40

D-104 "Lollypop" Hi Z desk mic.  This one has
the round chrome head and the six inch long
chrome tube to connect to the mic base, but no
base.  On-off switch below the head.  $25

Kenwood SMC-30 speaker mic for use with TH-21 /
31 / 41 series of HTs and other Kenwood HTs.
Good shape for $25

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-Mail to W8EK at fdt.net or W8EK at juno.com
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