FS: Two plate transformers

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Sep 5 20:00:13 EDT 2000

For Sale:

Plate Transformers.

1) Stancor model 4G26253 - very husky

Pri is 115V AC
Sec 1:  580 - 0 - 580 (i.e. 1160V CT) at est. 200 mA
Sec 2:  5V AC at est. 5 Amps
Sec 3:  2.5V CT at est. 5 Amps

Above chassis mount. Slight surface rust. Sold, tested iron.
Dimensions:  4.75"  X  4.75"  X  5.0" tall

Will sell for $25.00 plus shipping

2) A nice old G.E. transformer catalog # 68G684
Pri:  115V AC
Sec 1:  900 V CT at est. 125 mA
Sec 2:  6.3V CT at ext. 4 Amps
Sec 3:  5.0V CT at est. 3 Amps

Sharp looking semi-eliptical shape. Basically rectangular with a slight sweeping curve on the
longer sides! Above chassis mount. Great shape. Fully tested.
Dimensions:  5"  X  3.75"  X  4.25" tall

Will sell for $20.00 plus shipping

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