FS: Henry 2KD-3 amp

Bill Abate wabate at EROLS.COM
Wed Sep 6 15:54:24 EDT 2000

I have for sale an outstanding Henry 2KD-3 amplifier.  Ruggedly built
pair of 3-500Z's with PI-L output, 80 - 10M.  With 150 watts of drive it
delivers 1800 to 1900 watts out, key down not PEP!  This is a desk top
kilowatt with floor mounted power supply.  The power supply is extra
heavy duty.  The plate transformer weighs 38 pounds itself!  No series
electrolytic capacitors, this supply has a 5 KV oil filled capacitor
with choke input.  Exceptional protection with a fused meter and over
current relay in plate circuit.  On the air now.  The cosmetics are
between an 8 and a 9.  Very nice!  120volts AC or 240.

I would rather not ship this amp because of the weight.  I am located
near Philadelphia.  Asking $875 or will sell less finals for $775.  I
have jpg's.


Bill, K3PGB
wabate at erols.com

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