Need Merit Xfrmr info

Jim Berry basalop at GTE.NET
Wed Sep 6 22:50:14 EDT 2000

Hello BA Fans,

A feller gave me a power supply that I will use for the HV supply to
run my 2 X 813 Mackay Marine transmitter.  Wonder if there is anyone
who can tell me a little more about this transformer.

It is a Merit Coil & Transformer Co 524004.  The choke is the same
brand name but it's part No. is 56B002.  Anyone have any ratings
handy for this combo?  There is nothing on the transformer or choke
saying anything.

The transformer also appears to be 115 AC.  I will rebuild the supply
and use an auto transformer (variac) on the input so I can get just
the right voltage I want.

Since the transmitter is rated to run at around 400 watts out, and my
AC supply will be 115, I will not try and push the transmitter to a
full KW.  Probably would be easy with a pair of 813's, but I doubt it
would be needed.

Sure would be nice to at least know what the current rating really

73 Jim K7SLI

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